10 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Michael NeuendorffFor this week’s blog, The Growth Coach is proud to welcome a guest post from Michael Neuendorff, our franchise owner in San Mateo, California. Michael recently shared an article on his own blog about the value of setting goals we thought our readers would find especially helpful. Here’s the post:

Now you know I’m not a fan of resolutions. However, I am a fan of goals. The concrete decision about what you want to have happen in the future written down and worked on with a real plan really can work. I’ve seen it happen for my clients numerous times and I’ve seen it happen for me.

I found a study online that was created by a PhD student at Dominican University that supports the value of goal setting (in writing) for achievement.

Now let me give you 10 tips to add a greater degree of likelihood to the achievement of the goals you write down: 

  1. Write them down every day when you wake up
  2. Look at them each night before you go to bed
  3. Affirm yourself often as being capable of accomplishing your goals
  4. Share them with someone
  5. Create a written plan for how you’ll achieve the goals with clear action steps you can follow – or – just keep plotting out what the next action is on each goal and get it done one by one

To see the full list and for additional information, visit http://www.buildandbalance.com/blog/.

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