How to Prospect More Effectively

As a business owner or CEO, you are busier than ever. You’re implementing growth strategies, managing employees and controlling the system you’ve built while maintaining a life outside of work. But, just like any business, yours can’t be successful without selling. Bringing on new customers by leveraging your skills to improve your prospects can make a dramatic difference to your bottom line.

Take some time today to take a step back, put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and ask yourself what your potential clients are seeing when they look at your business and what concerns or fears they might have. How can you use your knowledge and skill set to increase their confidence in your business? What areas of the company might need extra attention?

Here’s a breakdown of the process you can use to make your prospecting efforts even more effective:

  1. Identify what an ideal prospect looks like and what they want from your business.
  2. Segment your prospect list and great priorities on where to start – beginning with the best opportunities.
  3. Set new contact goals on a daily and weekly basis.
  4. Work to minimize distractions when you’re focused on prospecting.
  5. Practice developing effective responses to common objections and know what makes you unique.
  6. Review your sales calls and meetings to better prepare you for future calls and meetings. What worked? What didn’t work? What can you build on moving forward?
  7. Build partnerships with vendors and others reliant on your business and encourage them to be referral sources.
  8. Develop meaningful relationships with your best referral sources.

Do any of these tips make you uncomfortable? If so, what are you afraid of? If any of these areas give you pause, you need to rally yourself to improve that element of your prospecting process. If you can’t focus your attention on selling your business, you can’t build a successful company!

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