Break the Chains of Business Imprisonment


Many business owners feel trapped in their own business. Their passion has left and been replaced by chains. What causes these feelings of bondage for business owners? Why do the cuffs keep getting tighter and tighter? Here are the five most common reasons business owners feel imprisoned by their business.

Technical Tendencies:
Many business owners are former technicians. They go from technician to entrepreneur without changing their actions. Skilled technicians and doers have a tendency to stay in their technical comfort zone. They continue performing the tasks of a technician not the tasks of a CEO. It’s not technical skill but leadership and strategic skill that allow a business to run smoothly.

Just because they’re doing something doesn’t mean they’re really accomplishing anything. Activity is not the same as accomplishment. Business owners often confuse busyness with business. Working harder will not yield results unless they start working smarter. Business owners start working more and expending more energy but with poor strategies all that hard work still leads to poor results.

Ineffective Leadership & Delegation:
Many business owners forgo leadership for doer-ship. They know how they want things to be done and as a result end up micro-managing and controlling everything. They are lone wolves, trusting no one but themselves. Instead of delegating tasks, they act like employees, not owners. They act like they have a job and not a business. Leadership skills allow owners to delegate and trust others which leads to more freedom and fewer headaches.

Inadequate or Missing Business Systems:
Business systems are essential to creating a business that runs efficiently. Many owners don’t know how to design a good system or re-engineer the one they already have. As a result, the policies and procedures that allow for a well-organized and smoothly running business are often not in place. This is what causes that feeling of being “out of control.”  Without developing and utilizing an effective business system, delegation and organization become incredibly difficult. These broken systems usually revolve around the owner, making them trapped in the owner-dependant business they have unintentionally created.

Growing Business Complexities:
As a business grows it inevitably becomes more complex and complicated. When the proper leadership skills and business systems are not present, these complexities can cause a great deal of anxiety. All businesses may experience some growing pains. The best solution for owners is to plan for growth and changing to accommodate the evolving nature of their business.

If you are feeling imprisoned by your business these five causes can hopefully give you an idea of how to begin unchaining yourself.  If you need help, out business coaching process can serve as a “get out of jail free card”. With proper coaching and support, you can gain greater leadership skill and build better systems. It’s possible to escape the prison of your business. All you have to do to start is be willing to change.

Ready to bust out of prison? If so, contact one of our business coaches today.

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