Hanging Up The Toolbelt

As a business owner, your individual success is ultimately based on how hard you are willing to try and persevere, but there are times when every business owner could use some outside help and guidance.  If you feel lost or confused about your goals, a business coach is able to give objective advice and assistance. They change lives and help build better businesses. This is the inspirational story of how one coach was able to facilitate his client to reach astounding new heights.

Bill Hurston, The Growth Coach based inSt. Louis, held many different positions before becoming a coach, from Financial Analyst for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command to CPA. On June 2, 2011, he began coaching Darryl Carron, owner of an electrical contracting firm, founded in 2009. Over the next few months, Bill helped Darryl improve his business and improve his life.

When Bill first began coaching Darryl, his gross revenues were around $400K for 2010 and his small firm had only three employees. The most troubling part of Darryl’s business is the toll it took on his personal life. He received more than 100 phone calls a day. Most of the daily functions of his business rested solely on his shoulders, from electrical work to driving the company van. Darryl was so busy and overwhelmed by his business he hadn’t found time to take even a small vacation in years.

On June 2; however, Darryl resolved to hang up his tool belt and start acting like a CEO, not a technician. He began to understand that the key to business success is to work on your business not in it. Darryl is a master electrician with years of experience in his field so leaving the technical work to his employees was not an easy task, but he managed to do it. By delegating and creating systems, Darryl’s business is now booming.

Darryl’s revenues for 2011 more than doubled. For 2012, he predicts they could double again and reach $2 million dollars. The small firm has grown from three employees to 21 and Darryl expects that number to keep climbing over the next year. The number of phone calls he receives is down to 25 a day or less, saving him between 500-700 hours a year of precious time and greatly reducing the clutter in his life. As a result, Darryl was confident enough in the self-sufficiency of his business to take not just one, but three small vacations since June.

These are just some of the highlights of the great things that have happened in Darryl’s life and business since Darryl began experiencing the Growth Coach process he became able to remove himself from the equation. He began to take control of his business instead of letting it control him. By hanging up his tool belt, he mastered the position of CEO. Every business owner faces the difficult task of delegating the daily operations of their business to others, but it is necessary to obtain greater business success. Hang up your tool belt today and begin the journey from technician to CEO.

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