9 Tips To Improve Your Prospecting Effectiveness

As CEO, you are the brain of your business. You delegate, manage and control the system you have built, but don’t forget that your prospects are the blood of your business; they keep the system going. Success is reliant on how you leverage your skills and abilities to improve your prospects. If you aren’t making developing new prospects and building upon the ones you already have one of your top priorities, you’re not using your time effectively.

Look at all the things your business has to offer. Utilize some of your time to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. What do they see when they look at your business? What are their concerns, expectations or fears? Start to think about how you know your prospecting skills could use help, but don’t just stop there. Take a strategic time out from your work to consider the following tips. If you can answer or complete all these tasks, then you’re well on your way to greatly improving your prospecting effectiveness.

1. Define what your ideal prospect looks like and would want what you offer

2. Segment your prospect list (size, opportunity, etc.)

3. Prioritize where to start (work best opportunities first for positive reinforcement)

4. Set new contact goals on a daily and weekly basis

5. Minimize distractions during “selling hours”

6. Practice and know your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

7. Practice developing effective responses to common objections

8. Review your sales calls and meetings to better prepare you for future calls and meetings

9. Develop meaningful referral sources and stay in contact with them

If you were uncomfortable with any of the tips outlined above, ask yourself “What am I afraid of?” Is there anything on that list you couldn’t do, or didn’t want to? That’s where you need to focus your attention. If you aren’t developing new prospects, your business will suffer as a result. Keep in mind the importance of prospects as you go about your day to day work, and remember these steps if you’re getting stuck. The power to change your business is in your hands, don’t be afraid to start making the changes and facing the truth. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so when you’re lost, use these easy steps to get your journey back on track.

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3 Responses to 9 Tips To Improve Your Prospecting Effectiveness

  1. You are right there, we should always keep this in mind to reach greater success. Sometimes we need to risk something to see greater results and investing in business is one of the bravest thing a person has done. With these prospects, it will improve a person and their business too.

  2. Good post i was looking for it I noticed that you will be an expert your field! I’m launching an internet site soon & your data will be very useful for me Thanks for your help & wish everyone the success inside your business.

  3. Tyra says:

    This is helpful, I tend not to go deeper into that kind of details but then I realized there is something to do with it anyway. Great tips, thank you.

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