The Power of Passionate Attitudes and Beliefs

The next power we’re going to discuss is the power of passionate attitudes and beliefs. Ask yourself “what motivates me everyday?”. Do you have goals and aspirations? Do you really have passion for your work? Success in everything you do is tied to your own passionate attitudes and beliefs. There are so many reasons to be passionate about what you do, let’s consider why it’s important.

How many times have you been inspired or motivated to do something simply by listening to someone else? Perhaps it was the tone of voice, the format used, the power of the message, or the credibility exuded by the speaker. Perhaps it was a combination of any or all of these elements that so moved you. Whatever it was, it appealed directly to your emotions. As a result, you were more inclined to do something because of what you felt. If you want others to believe in you, to trust you, to buy from you, it is essential that they relate to youidentify with you, agree with you, feel that you can help them, believe that what you offer provides enough value to justify them taking action and make a commitment.

You must consistently make it easy for your prospect to say yes, to take action, to make a commitment. That should always be your primary focus. If you are not passionate about yourself and what you can offer, why would you assume that others should be? People don’t care what you know until they first know that you care.  No matter what people may tell you, studies demonstrate that people will buy emotionally and justify the buying decision rationally. They will buy from people they identify with, people they trust, people they like, people they care to be around. Therefore, sincerity, honesty and passion are prerequisites for your credibility. You will never be credible to others if you are not credible to yourself.

Take time, assess yourself, reflect, be honest with yourself. Map out a plan of action that helps you believe in yourself, renew your commitment and do something, anything, whatever it takes to implement that plan. It’s not enough to think about it or even plan it – you must take action on it.

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2 Responses to The Power of Passionate Attitudes and Beliefs

  1. Tara Spurrier says:

    Passion and energy can change the whole environment of an organization! It increases the likelihood of gaining buy in for new initiatives and helps people navigate the phases of change management acceptance.

  2. I agree so much with this, especially in having your followers agreeing with you. You can’t lead if you keep putting them down.

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