40 Sweet Tweets to Challenge Business Owners to Get Better Results

For this Growth Coach Blog and the next two, I decided to leverage some of my business coaching tips and small business advice I’ve posted on Twitter the past 12 months.

Twitter is a highly popular micro-blog site where your messages need to brief and to the point.  I reviewed hundreds and hundreds of my Twitter messages (Tweets) from our Twitter page at twitter.com/GrowthCoachCorp and selected 120 of them (divided into 3 parts) that I felt could challenge, motivate, educate and benefit business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.  Consider these “coaching bursts” as personal challenges from your professional business coach, personal growth coach or executive coach.

Since a given Tweet can only be 140 characters long, I used a few abbreviations as you will see … most are very intuitive.  Please read these mini-coaching suggestions and select 3-5 that make sense for you and your business to implement immediately. Consider printing out this Growth Coach Blog and circle the ones you wish to discuss with your team.

As your virtual Growth Coach, I hope these short business coaching messages allow you the opportunity to examine your business, your leadership effectiveness and your personal life.

  1. What biz are you in? The business of MARKETING. Stop thinking and acting like a technician … be a promoter.
  2. What clutter (low-value & unimportant tasks) needs to be removed from your biz life? It’s stealing your time & profits.
  3. Want more time in your day? Create a NOT-TO-DO list. Delete, delegate, or outsource low-value tasks.
  4. Most owners spend WAY too much time on admin. and not nearly enough on sales, marketing & promotion. Get out of your office!
  5. Suggested Success Formula … spend 60% of your time on sales, marketing & promotion, 35% on client fulfillment, & 5% on admin.
  6. What personal/family RELATIONSHIPS do you need to pay more attention to this month?
  7. What worked great in 2010 that you need to replicate in 2011?
  8. What didn’t work well in 2010 that you need to eliminate in 2011?
  9. Your biz should be a vehicle to a better life … it shouldn’t steal your life.  Get some balance w/ coaching help.
  10. This free e-book will help you to STOP feeling overwhelmed, overworked and like a prisoner to your biz.
  11. Take time to measure backwards and not just against your huge goals … look at your progress and how far you’ve come.
  12. Got clarity of focus? Don’t try to save the whole world. To what group of buyers are you trying to be a hero? Focus there!
  13. To have a better business, you must become a better person … expand your vision, knowledge, mindset, habits, etc.
  14. Do not fear becoming wealthy. Money does not change a person … it only magnifies who/what they already are.
  15. Entrepreneur, go ahead & defend your excuses and limiting beliefs … you can choose to be right or rich.
  16. All products/services do one thing … help your buyers change their emotional states. What positive emotions do you satisfy?
  17. Aim your offerings to hit the 5 “P’s”: Profit, Pleasure/fun, Pride/ego, Protection, and/or Peace of mind.  Hit benefits, not features.
  18. For example, business coaching provides greater clarity, capabilities, confidence, peace of mind, & joy from making more and working less.
  19. Entrepreneur, want to be miserable? Keep focusing on what you don’t have and can’t do well.
  20. What are your BEST clients you need to get face-to-face with in the next 90 days?
  21. Business coaching tip: If you don’t like your results, look at your actions. If you aren’t taking enough action, examine your beliefs … the root of all.
  22. Small business tip: document your biz processes & teach others to run them. Delegate to others & get out of the weeds. Lead!
  23. Business coaching is like exercise … intense while you’re doing it, but you’ll feel great & love the results after each session.
  24. Small biz owners, your wealth zone is limited by your comfort zone. What are you doing to get uncomfortable & grow?
  25. What personal/biz “mess” should you clean up in the next 90 days?
  26. For better results today, focus on your TOP 3 priorities. Finish #1 before moving on to #2 and so on.
  27. Treat your business as your NUMBER ONE client. Give your biz the proper amount of thinking, planning, & action.
  28. Are you acting like a CEO … Chief EVERYTHING Officer? That’s exhausting. Get coaching help to learn to let go.
  29. Business owner, time to have some fun. What 3 FUN activities will you commit to do in the next month to re-charge your battery?
  30. What are your top 3 money-making opportunities close at hand? Take action on ONE of them TODAY.
  31. What major fear/doubt is holding you back from greater biz success?  Share it with someone so you can slay it!
  32. If someone were to buy your biz, what opportunities would they seize upon? What threats/dangers would they neutralize?
  33. Are you merely swapping time for money? Get leverage into your biz. Solve more problems for more people.
  34. Business success is a process of discarding … throwing away ineffective mindsets, behavior & habits from your daily routine.
  35. When at work, work. When at home, be at home. Don’t mix the two worlds up … provide undivided attention.
  36. Business owner, your goal should be to have your EMPs respect U, not necessarily like U. This isn’t high school.
  37. Your future will be shaped by your ACTIONS … not your words or even your intentions. ACTIONS = RESULTS
  38. Biz owner, STOP wasting time & talents on the WRONG type of work. Ask, “Would a successful CEO tackle such a task?”
  39. Business owner, implement today, perfect tomorrow. Taking action reveals answers & solutions.
  40. Spend MORE time w/ your BEST clients, prospects, referral sources & EMPs. Learn to differentiate; not all are equal.

Hope these short but powerful messages got you to reflect and think about your business, leadership and personal life.  Without identifying 3-5 to work on starting today, nothing will change.  Again, print this Growth Coach blog and circle your Vital Few Follow-Up Items.  Please visit our Twitter account at twitter.com/GrowthCoachCorp and regularly follow The Growth Coach to get your daily dose of business owner advice and coaching.  Here are a few other resources for you:

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