The Power of Questions for a Business Owner

Hopefully, the following five hypothetical business coaching questions get you out of your ordinary mental framework and help you to see your business, opportunities, and threats from a different angle.

  1. If you had to start your business over from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you change and what would you keep?
  2. If someone were to analyze buying your business today, what would excite them and scare them about your current business?
  3. As a new buyer, what opportunities would they immediately seize upon?
  4. What threats and dangers would they neutralize immediately to reduce their risks?
  5. What single thing, if fully and aggressively implemented by the new owner, would radically and immediately start improving the bottom-line results of your former business?

Any good ideas come to mind? Why not make the changes yourself while you still can and be the one to profit?

At its core, business coaching is all about asking effective questions at the right time.  Coaching is NOT about telling; it’s about asking. Through powerful questions, a business coach helps you look at things in a new and objective light.  When a business coach helps you change the way you look at things, the things you look at also begin to change … in terms of meaning, importance, relevance, perspective, etc.  As Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist said, “To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.”

At the Growth Coach, we believe that if you ask the hard questions, managing your business and life will be easier. If you only ask yourself easy questions or none at all, life and business will be hard.

Business coaching done right is about helping the client to discover for themselves what needs to change in their business and life … so that they can achieve greater success and fulfillment.  Unlike consulting, through effective questioning and accountability, coaching empowers the client to solve their own problems and seize their own opportunities.  While a business coach can help provide guidance and objective feedback like a GPS, the business owner is still in charge and driving the vehicle … as it should be!

Why is business coaching so effective? Through on-going feedback and reinforcement, coaching helps a client to change mindsets and behaviors so they get superior and sustained results.

How does coaching achieve that powerful transformation? Through powerful questions!  Over time and through repetition, questions help change mindsets, limiting beliefs, habits, and results.

No matter what, a business coaching client can NOT ignore a question. It’s impossible.  They may choose not to respond to a coach’s question, but they still must process the question in their brain.  Even a “no response” is a conscious decision.  Therefore, every question asked gets through to the brain.  The most effective business coaches, like The Growth Coach franchise system, have captured their powerful questions into a proven, structured and guaranteed coaching process.

Why is the art and science of effective questioning so important to a small business owner, entrepreneur or professional? Most are simply too busy and too much in denial … two of the biggest enemies of greater success.  Effective questions will help combat these sabotaging enemies. That’s why getting an objective business coach is so important.

A business coach will force you to slow down and think. A business coach will force you to confront reality (even if uncomfortable) and not allow you to play denial.  A coach will help you to objectively assess your current situation (the good, bad and ugly) so that YOU can decide on the changes YOU want to make.  And finally, a business coach provides on-going accountability through the penetrating questions they ask you to help keep you on track, make critical adjustments, and arrive at your goals.  That entire coaching process just described involves asking you insightful and empowering questions.

Here is one last question for today that will help reveal the kind of outcomes and benefits you could expect to derive from The Growth Coach.  Imagine you and I entered into a two-year business coaching process and relationship starting today. Let’s pretend to jump ahead two years and look back at your progress.  What would the specific changes and outcomes have to be, both in your business and personal life, for you to be extremely happy with your results and the business coaching process? Please re-read that question and think deeply about your answer.

That last situation and question will help reveal the areas, both professionally and personally, you want to change and the benefits you could expect to achieve.  That one question exposes the GAP between where you are right now (current reality) and where you want to be (ideal future).  Want to close that GAP?  Ready to achieve the changes/outcomes you imagined above? If so, any Growth Coach can help you achieve the results you desire and provide you with a money-back guarantee on all initial coaching services.  You have nothing to lose.

Got questions? Click here to locate a business coach near you.

About Daniel M. Murphy

CEO, Founder & Business Coach, The Growth Coach Business Coaching Franchise System, Certified Business Coaches throughout North America
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